GACSL is an adult co-ed recreational league based in Cobb County. Our games are played at public fields in Cobb County which are assigned to us on a seasonal basis through Cobb County Parks and Recreation and Cobb County Soccer Council. We typically are assigned fields at Noonday and/or Tramore Parks. Because we are one of the smallest leagues in Cobb County, we are often relegated to play on practice fields. Therefore field conditions may be poor. Please keep this in mind if you sign up with us.

Being an adult co-ed recreational league, we try to minimize competition and encourage friendly, safe play. We do not have playoffs or keep standings. We do not allow slide tackles or goal-keeper contact. We enjoy a wide range of abilities, with excellent, experienced players who encourage and help develop newer players or those returning after not playing for years.

GACSL is run by a Board of Directors with a President, First Vice President, Second Vice President of the Seven A-Side League, Third Vice President of the Eleven A-Side League, Secretary and Treasurer. GACSL is affiliated with the Georgia State Soccer Association.

There are two leagues within GACSL, the Over Thirty Seven A-Side and Eleven A-Side Co-ed Leagues. We play around the youth league’s schedule, i.e. Saturday nights, Winter and Summer.

The Seven A-Side League is for players ages thirty and over and has four schedules per year of approximately eight to ten games. These schedules run from mid September to mid November, mid January to the end of February, mid March through mid-May and mid June through mid-August. The Seven A-Side League plays on Saturday nights except during the winter season when we play on Saturday afternoons due to the cold weather.

The Eleven Aside League is for players eighteen or older and has two schedules per year of eight to ten games. These schedules run from mid January to the end of February and mid June through mid August. The Eleven Aside League plays on Sunday and sometimes on Saturday afternoons during the winter and weeknights during the summer.

For more information on GACSL please contact the Registrar.